Peter Rentz

Peter Rentz accepted the challenge of carving our St. Peregrine statue. This gifted artist from Ithaca, NY won the Best of Show at the Keuka Lake Art Festival and twice at the Albany Exhibition of Convicts' Art for his oil paintings.

Thoughts from the artist...

Not often enough am I at my best, yielded to the Lord God my maker, resisting not the mercies that flow from His Throne.

In those brief moments when my will consents to be part of things greater than itself, the floodgates open and I am filled with faith, hope, and love. From this reserve of wealth come gifts, such as my agreement to embrace the St. Peregrine Project. The strength and inspiration to carry out my part, and the grace to grow closer to Christ through it.

For all of this I am thankful. Yet most of all I am filled with joy to share in the love that brought us all together in remembrance of Christ and of Father Robert Dmitri.

While laboring upon the statue, I turned my meditations to Christ's suffering and the hope that sustained St. Peregrine through his suffering. It was an enormous challenge for me to convey this, which has so inspired the beloved Father Dmitri.

Struggling within myself during this period, the advent of my appearance before the Parole Board, serenity enveloped me while I embraced the Saint Peregrine statue and clutched the Cross. Through tears shed on his shoulder, I felt hope kindled within me.

It is my prayer that all in need are blessed with the kindling of hope within, through embracing the gifts God has given us in Christ-like examples of St. Peregrine and Father Dmitri.

Peter Rentz
August 1992

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